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Drive more traffic to your website with stratagies that are proven to work! SEO is a core activity within all our web design packages.


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Google Analytics - Website stats

Every website we create has a google analytics account setup for it allowing you to keep track of visitor statistics, receive email updates on traffic to your site and what key phrases were used by your visitors to get there.

What is Search Engine Optimisation

In a nutshell SEO is the optimisation of a website to help search engines place your website higher in their search results for search phrases or words typed in by your potential customers. This is achieved in many ways and sit into two basic categories onsite/on page seo and off page/off site seo.

What is Keyword Analysis?

This is the analysis of search statistics on what your potential customers are typing into the search engines. This is an essential part of any web design and should be carried out at the very beginning of the proccess.

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

This is something often overlooked but is very important. The conversion rate of your site is the percentage of your traffic that becomes a sale, lead or completes a goal that you have set. Having a low conversion rate can mean that even with a high level of traffic to your site you still will not get the sales or leads you want. One of the ways we deal with this issue is the use of split testing of your web pages within google analytics.

Web Design Package Features

SEO included with every website.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On site SEO optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Sitemap creation for improoved indexing
  • Robots file creation, control how you are indexed
  • Registration with Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Content creation advice
  • FREE digital marketing manual

How much will ongoing digital marketing cost?

It will depend on what you want from your website, if you are only looking for a website that is an extension of your business card then the cost would be small and either included in the website design package price or a one off payment.

However if you are looking to obtain sales or leads directly from your website then this is a different matter. SEO and digital marketing can take a long time to get results especially if you have a new website where you are aiming to rank for highly competative keywords. In this case there would be an ongoing monthly cost and the amount will depend on what services you require from us.

If you require fast results and need sales/leads right away then you would be looking at paid advertising using platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook Adds. We can also set this up for you then you run it or we can manage it all, it is entirely up to you.

Below is a list of some of the digital marketing services we can provide:-

  • Backlink Generation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Split AB testing
  • Ongoing Keyword Analysis
  • Ongoing Copy or Article Generation
  • Facebook and social media posting
  • Facebook Adds Managment
  • Adword Campaiegn Managment
  • Youtube Videos
  • Copy editing for better keyword coverage

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