Web Design Cornwall

Web Design Procedure


At this point we need to design your front page, to do this we will need as much information about what you want from your website and how you would like it to look. Also we may need some or all of the information listed below.

Information we may require from you.

  • Business or company logo (we can also provide a logo at a minimal fee.)
  • A flow chart of what pages the web site will contain.(We will help you with this)
  • Some basic layouts of how you want your website to look as well as some possible web site addresses for hosting purposes (for help look at our sample layouts page).
  • Any images you require on your web site (photographs etc.)
  • Video clips if required
  • Graphics (watermarks, artwork etc) if needed
  • Company colours if you have them (from stationary, business cards etc).
  • Text (welcome page, product description if needed.)
  • Names of management/employees if required
  • Any other specific requirements you may have for your web site


Now we will use all the information and media you have given us to create the index page (First page), after which, we will show it to you through our web site.



Once the design of the index page meets your requirements, both parties will need to sign an agreement before we proceed with the subsequent pages.



The subsequent pages (standard 10 pages) will take about 2 week's to complete then we will proceed to modification (Step 5).



You have 3 chances for free modification within 10 days. Please Fax or email the modification requirements to us. If there is a need for more modifications, we will arrange a meeting or converse over the phone with you again. After all modification is done,you need to sign the project acceptance form, and fax it back to us. Full payment will be required after you are completely satisfied with your web site.

PLEASE NOTE: For any website larger than a standard package and taking longer than two weeks to complete an interim payment structure will have to be agreed upon by both parties before the design process can begin. Also due to the high demand for our services, to show your commitment we require a 25% non-refundable down payment before any website production can begin.